Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Electronic.......sort of?

Another list, another genre. This is going to be a long day. I hope I get through writing and doing extremely quick reviews that sort of span across the best of music on my playlist, and everything that deserves a lot more attention (and there is a lot of it, I'm about to write a quick one paragraph summary of The Album Leafs- In A Safe Place, I don't even know if words could describe that album, let alone one paragraph. I'll be coming back to that one later.)
But alas, hopefully some people will notice some stuff they like on these lists and be inclined to check out some others.
Here goes with this one.

The Album Leaf- In A Safe Place
This album is hauntingly beautiful, ambient and yet not to slow paced, some points are just epic but at the same time so relaxing, the general sound of it is almost unmatched in my mind.
Every track on this album is essential, it just keeps perpetuating itself into a beautiful array of magic. If I was forced to pick and choose essential tracks, they would go as follows.
Notable Tracks- Eastern Glow, The Outer Banks, and Moss Mountain Town.

The Big Gigantic- Fire It Up
This is through and through just an epic party album. BUT, it is epic, and fucking ill too bounce along too. Not really much I can say about it that you won't instantly discover for yourself.
Notable Tracks- Funhouse, Stand Up, Treasure Chest.

Bjork- Homogenic
My favorite one of her efforts by far, I don't even believe any of her other albums grave the brilliance off of this one. Bjork concentrates more on strings and real instruments on this album, while keeping true to her insanely programmed drums, pop like vocal patterns and borderline obscure melodies to form the masterpiece that is Homogenic. Once again I would suggest a listen from start to finish, but if I had to pick out tracks, they would be these.
Notable Tracks- Joga, Bacholerette, and All Is Full Of Love.

Blockhead- Downtown Science
Wrote about it in hip hop section. Check it if interested.

Boards Of Canada- The Campfire Headphase
While deffinitly experimental at most stages of the album and needs to be listened to in full to actually understand what they are trying to do, there are still enough stand alone tracks that would make one WANT to understand what this album is all about. It pretty much says it in the title, The Campfire Headphase, of where this album is most suited for. This album has an urban feel that is actually better suited for away from cities and camping. If your looking for an electronic album to go camping with, this is essential.
Notable Tracks- Chromakey Dreamcoat, Satellite Anthem Icarus, and Oscar Sees Through Red Eye.

Delerium- Karma
This album takes PATIENCE, but it is just so worth it. For instance, Enchanted, the first track on the album, takes a good 2 and a half minutes to start, but once it does you can relax into a weave of beautifully placed instrumentals and the lovely voice of Kristy Thirsk. Speaking of her, a lot of pretty popular female vocalists appear across this album, Kristy Thirsk and Sarah McLachlan are the most notable. It seems as if singers like these would be a strange fit, but the only thing about it is that they fit so perfectly. Also, the production value of this album is just incredible. Hats off to the engineer who pulled this one off.
Notable Tracks- Silence, Enchanted, and Euphoria (firefly)

Emancipator- Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
Best. Drum. Programmer. Ever.
I have no idea how he does it, the time and effort put into this album bleeds from almost every single moment spanning from start to finish. This may possibly be my favourite electronic album of all time, the only reason I say may, is because I truely mean of all time. I don't know if I will ever come across something as well done as this album. This album never onces lapses in brilliance, originality or simple greatness. Get off your ass and go buy it.
Notable Tracks- First Snow, Maps and Good Knight.

I'll just give a notable mention right now to mash up artists Girl Talk.
His music is fun, check it.

Gorrilaz- Demon Days
I bought this album years and years ago on a whim of I kind of liked the single and felt like new music. Those are the types of albums I usually try and convince myself are good and then just forget about them two weeks later. Not this one. As a musical collective project, the Gorrilaz tend to change extremely between albums. If you heard Gorrilaz you hated, it may not be represented here. If you heard from of their tracks you liked, it may also not be represented here. With danger mouse at the helm of the production staff on this album, he produced something that has truely stuck with me for these last few years.
Notable Tracks- El manana, Last Living Souls and Feel Good Inc.

I'll give mention now too to Her Space Holiday, this band is just SOOO SOO hit and miss. Somes unbelievable, some is just thrown together mush, I dont know where to start. Check it out if your interested though.

Mates Of State- Team Boo
Two people pretty much playing poppy keyboard songs and singing love songs back and forth. Its pretty cute and worth checking out I guess, deffinitly not the best on the list though. Its also probably under the wrong genre, but thats a whole new story.
Notable Tracks- Ha Ha, The Kissaway, and Parachutes

MGMT- Oracular Spectacular
Once again, probably in the wrong section. Extremely well done pop songs, extremely enjoyable feel good album, although chances are you are sick of them already.
Notable Tracks- Time To Pretend, Kids and Electric Feel.

Nine Inch Nails- All That Could Have Been
We have all heard way too much about this band, so I will keep this short. All That Could Have Been is a live album that embodies everything that is good about the Nine Inch Nails. The track listing covers a huge section of Mr Reznors carrier, and if you would like to become familiar with a lot of their material, this is deffinitly a good album to start on (unless you are one of those people that hates life albums, I dont know if I'll ever understand you)
Notable Tracks- Terrible Lie, Hurt, and Sin

Pelican City- Rhode Island
This one got stuck into my hip hop section, check it out though. soooooo good.

Piano Magic- Disaffected
This album is nothing too special to me, but it is still deffinitly worth checking out. I don't know why this album doesn't "click" with me the way it seems like it would, but whatever, still awesome sounding throughout.
Notable Tracks- The Nostalgist, Disaffected, and Night of the Hunter.

Portishead- Roseland NYC live
With this legendary trip hop trio comes a legendary live performace captured perfectly across this album. Has almost every Portishead track that I consider essential (except for tracks off of Three, which was released years later) The haunting vocal melodies combined with spacy drums, guitars and strings cause for a truely beautiful scene. I wish I was their when this was made.
Notable Tracks- Roads, Cowboys and Sour Times.

The Postal Service- Give Up
Death Cab For Cuties frontman comes out with his debut electronica album, the only question is, whenever the fuck is he going to realize that an album of this magnitude needs a follow up? At this point it seems unluckly, although this album will not leave you unfullfilled. Brilliant electronic upbeat music combined with poppy lyrics and vocal melodies, this is deffinitly anouther one of those feel good albums (unless you listen to the lyrics, then you may become a tad depressed, but its totally worth it)
Notable Tracks- The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Such Great Heights, and We Will Become Silhouettes.

Prodigy- Fat of the land
Another classic album you are probably sick of, but I do believe I would be hunted down and murdered (probably by the Prodigy too, they kind of seem like jerks.) if I did not mention how fantastic this band truely is. Now, they clearly reached the height of their fame when they were featured on one of the big shiny tune records, can't quite remember which one it was, but you know, who uses the INTERNET these days to find out was number 2 and it featured Breath. Anyways, thats the first I heard of them back when Big Shiny Tunes rocked the airwaves. This album is so full of energy you might find yourself using all your chi to spit out mantra, but I guess thats worth it.
Notable Tracks- Mindfields, Breath and Smack My Bitch Up.

On that note, The Original Matrix sound track actually a lot of good starting tracks for bands of these likes, and on the note of that soundtrack, lets talk about Rob D.

Rob Dougan- Furious Angels
This album is also hit and miss for me, but when it does hit it takes my breath away everytime. You have most likely heard the song Clubbed To Death, and while it is absolutely essential to this album, there is just so much more to mention. First off, just the pure production value of this album is off the charts. I have no idea how he managed to mix so many different sounds and have them all so crystal clear, he left absolutely not room for mediocracy in the sounds used. Once again, a lot of god damn epic energy across this album. Needs to be checked out, last time I looked it was out of circulation, so I guess you can't really feel bad downloading it? Well then go do that now.
Notable Tracks- Furious Angels, Clubbed to Death and One and the Same.

Rockysopp- The Understanding
Another band I am a huge fan off, but this is their album that really really does it for me. While I know in about one minute I am going to pick out the stand out tracks, I will mention that this album really really deserves a full listen too, due to no matter how many tracks I list, it won't get you the full extent of the styles employed on this album unless I list them all. Here goes though.
Notable Tracks- What Else Is Their?, Alpha Male and Dead To The World.

The Smashing Pumpkins- Ava Adore
Some would argue that the Smashing Pumpkins is purely a rock band and that this album lead to their downfall. I would tell them to fuck off and give it a real listen, I believe it is their best effort, and I am a huge fan. Nothing I can say about this band that hasnt been said a million times and same goes for this album. I love it though, and I believe you should too.
Notable Tracks- Tear, Pug and Ava Adore.

Sneaker Pimps- Bloodsport
This album is cottages, drinking beer on balconies, sunshine and one of those albums that just makes you remember all the good times you have had. No idea why, maybe for me it is connected to certain events, but in general I believe that the sound of it just makes you reflect on life, friends and other indescribable memories. I could not say enough, check it out for yourself.
Notable Tracks- Loretta Young Silks, Blood Sport, and Black Sheep.

Telefon Tel Aviv- Farhrenheit Fair Enough
So relaxing, and the drum loops are deffinitly something else. I would go to say that if Emancipator did not exists this album would be up there on the drum programming scale for me. I would just start at the start of the album and listen through, I dont even have track suggestions for this one. Pick any song, its good.

I believe thats it
Once again, I probably missed SO SO SO SO much and it kind of depresses me.
Whatever, It will come out soon enough.

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